Village perché de la Laupie

La Laupie On a strategic highpoint in the middle of the plain, the old village of La Laupie, gradually deserted at the beginning of the 20th century, finally succombed during the battle of Montelimar (Aug. 1944) to a deluge of 650 german and american shells.

From this mass of ruins, new owners rebuilt the houses one by one, starting in 1962-63. The stones and pieces of the architecture, which had been scattered on the ground, gradually found their original place. Authenticity was important as was maintaining  a harmonious  ensemble. A walk through the narrow lanes of the village is a must.

Parking available near the cemetery. Do not miss, either, a visit to the chapel of St Michel built on a spur. It dates back to the old village and inside has elements going back to the 12th century.